Isaaks & Co. provides consulting services and innovative software for the mining industry focusing on ore resources evaluation and open pit grade control. With 20 years in the business, Isaaks & Co. supports its clients in optimizing efficient extraction of ore resources through improvements in areas such as ore control modeling and optimum dig-line design. Through our experience working on a wide variety of metallic ore deposits around the world, we have demonstrated that the targeted application of advanced geostatistical methods improves the bottom line.



    After enormous investment, successful mining ventures make every effort to maximize profits at the time of mining. To support this effort, Isaaks & Co. offers a suite of software products designed to improve ore control block model estimation and optimize dig-line placement.



    With decades of experience to draw on, Isaaks & Co. provides focused consulting services tailored to the needs of mining clients world-wide. Isaaks & Co. specializes in analysis, assessment, and modeling of ore deposits with particular expertise in precious metals mining.